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Fast Track

8Yachtmaster Sailing School offers a Fast Track for those sailors who already have some experience but little or no formal qualifications.

The Fast Track course is a comprehensive series of training modules covering all certificates in the RYA Sail Cruising and Yachtmaster Scheme as well as short courses in Sea Safety & Survival, MROCP (VHF & HF) Radio Licence and Diesel Engine course.

If you are an experienced sailor or have some qualifications, Yachtmaster Sailing School will go over your existing qualifications and develop a suitable program to help you complete the RYA Yachtmaster certificate.

Do I need a minimum mileage and sea time before taking this Fast Track course?

There is no minimum sea time requirement or mileage required to start this course. This course will provide the minimum sea time requirement to get you to RYA Coastal Skipper Certificate of Competence (a commercial certificate), but extra sea time is required for the RYA Yachtmaster certificate.

Our Fast Track course will provide you with approx 1,000 miles and 20 days of sea time and 14 days of classroom theory.

The RYA Yachtmaster certificate requires 50 days and 2,500 miles. The exam for RYA Yachtmaster can be taken once the miles have been accumulated. If you already have 1,500 miles and 30 days logged experience, by completing the Fast Track course you will have the minimum sea time experience to take the RYA Yachtmaster exam.

Why do I need a RYA/MCA Yachtmaster certificate?

This is the only certificate available in Australia that is recognised worldwide as a commercial ticket and is mandatory for work as a skipper on super yachts.

This certification allows you to work as Captain/Master on private vessels, commercial vessels and super yachts up to 24 metres. Over 24 meters and less than 200gt as Master up to 150nm from safe haven, beyond 150 miles from safe haven you are able to work as Chief Mate.

Note that all Masters and Crew must have the STCW95 short courses to secure work on vessels greater than 24 metres. We do not teach the STCW95 courses. For information on STCW95 courses, please contact Gerry Fitzgerald at Offshore Maritime Training Centre in Brisbane, Queensland on 0428 749 166. Or call the Australian Maritime College in Launceston, Tasmania on 03 6335 4711.

Yachtmaster Sailing School Fast Track Syllabus

  • RYA Competent Crew
  • RYA Day Skipper – Theory and Practical
  • RYA Coastal Skipper
  • RYA Yachtmaster Theory
  • RYA Yachtmaster – Preparation for exam
  • MROCP (VHF & HF) Radio Certificate
  • RYA Diesel Engine Course
  • Sea Safety & Survival

The RYA Yachtmaster exam is conducted on the water by an independent examiner. Taking part in or completing the Fast Track course does not give a guarantee of passing the exam.

The RYA Yachtmaster certificate requires a high standard of seamanship and knowledge. You will need to do a considerable amount of work/study outside classroom and sailing hours.

What do I bring?

For sailing

Wear clothes suitable for the season and rubber soled shoes, preferably with a white or light coloured sole. A cap, sunglasses, bottle of water and sun screen are also a good idea. You will also need change of clothes, toilet kit, sleeping bag and any special medicine you may require packed in a flexible soft bag. We provide you with wet weather gear (with the exception of boots) if required.

For theory
  • Plotter*
  • Dividers*
  • Two soft 2B pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Note pad and pens
  • * Can be pre-ordered and supplied on the day, please phone for details.

How long is the course?

Starting Jan 2019

16-19 Jan 19 – RYA Competent Crew
09-10 Feb 19 – Coastal Navigation
11-15 Feb 19 – RYA Day Skipper Theory bridging
16-17 Feb 19 – RYA Day Skipper Practical
18 & 25 Feb 19 – Marine Radio Operators
19 & 26 Feb 19 – Marine Radio Operators
18-22 Mar 19 – RYA Yachtmaster Theory
30-31 Mar 19 – Safety and Sea Survival
1-5 April 19 – RYA Coastal Skipper Practical
25-28 Apr 19 -RYA Yachtmaster – Preparation for exam

Starting Oct 2019

7-11 Oct 19 – RYA Competent Crew
19-20 Oct 19 – Coastal Navigation
21 & 28 Oct 19 – Marine Radio Operators
22 & 29 Oct 19 – Diesel course
26-27 Oct 19 – RYA Day Skipper Theory bridging
9-10 Nov 19 -Safety and Sea Survival
11-15 Nov 19 – RYA Day Skipper Practical
18-22 Nov 19 – RYA Yachtmaster Theory
25-29 Nov 19 – RYA Coastal Skipper Practical
2-5 Dec 19 – RYA Yachtmaster – Preparation for exam

How much does it cost?

$8370 pp. First Aid can be organised if required.

Please call on (03) 9699 9425 to confirm dates.

A deposit is required with booking (see booking form for terms and conditions).
We can accept cash, money order or credit card over the phone (Bankcard, Mastercard, Visa).

What is included?

  • RYA theory course notes and training charts
  • Most meals on practical sailing courses (except for a few dinners ashore per course)
  • Course completion certificates
  • Radio Operator Licence (subject to exam)
  • YA Safety and Sea Survival certificate

Please note that accommodation or meals are not included for theory courses.